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This Christmas, we want to bless 14 orphans from our partner orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. We know the rain can be incredibly overwhelming during the winter so we want to HELP! We want to bless these young children with rain boots and umbrellas for this year! As the winter approaches and rainy season begins, it can be extremely difficult for these children to stay dry. Also, this gift will help keep them from getting sick in the cold. Lastly, we want to provide them with a well-balanced and nutritious meal for their Christmas Dinner. Most meals consist of porridge and water, but we want to make this year memorable! We want to bless them with vegetables, fruit, rice, and chicken in this delicious home-cooked meal. We hope that you can partner with us in giving these children a wonderful Christmas to remember!

Bless a Child for Christmas

Child Sponsorship Opportunity

1. Rain Boots: $10.00

2. Umbrella: $10.00

3. Christmas Dinner: $10.00

Total Per Child: $30.00

Will You Help Us? Donate Below!

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We appreciate your support as we continue to pursue our vision to build a school and orphanage around the world!

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